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Free Web Hosting Plan
Monthly Bandwidth
100 GB
Web Disk Space
10 GB
$0.00 per month
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Addon Domains
Parked Domains
Sub Domains 10
PHP Sendmail
Limited Sendmail() for activation emails only
MySQL Databases
FTP Accounts
Free Domain
Feature Enable
Site Statistics
Feature Enable
VistaPanel Script Installer
Feature Enable
Custom Error Pages
Feature Enable
Cron Jobs
Feature Enable
PHP Flags Manager
Feature Enable
Online Browser File Manager
Feature Enable
IP Address Deny Feature Enable
10 MB Max File Size
Feature Enable
Custom CNAME Records Feature Enable
Unmetered MySQL space
Feature Enable


100% Free Hosting

We have thousands of users worldwide and have been providing free hosting packages for years. Sign up and enjoy no cost hosting today!

Great Features

Our free webhost plans give you tons of excellent features that rival paid hosting plans. Free site builders, easy to use for new comers, hosted domains, and cPanel just to name a few.

Easy to Use

Our simple to navigate and easy to understand control panel is so esy to use, that its even easier than usual desktop appliations you use. Rest assured, we have ease of use in mind!

Getting Started

Click the Sign Up link at the top of this page
and fill in the simple registration form to create your account.
2 Login in to your email and click the verification link to verify your new free hosting account.
3 Login in to your cPanel using the details you entered on the sign up page.

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Never pay for web hosting again! You have found, congrats!

Free Hosting vs. Paid Hosting

We provide you the same service BUT TOTALLY FOR FREE!! We have easy to use site builders, we have the best available servers, we have the 99,9% uptime! With us you can build your site easily even if you have no experience in this at all. Average time to build a brand new site on our free hosting service is just about 1 hour! 1 hour and you have a website of your dreams!


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Nearly every business in today’s world needs a website. An online presence offers unique marketing opportunity that businesses will need to compete in an increasingly online society. Of course, there are several other reasons people may consider creating a website.

If you’re looking to create a personal, free web page, blog or any e-commerce site, you’ll find any service or feature you could possibly need or want with our free website hosting service. If at any time your site outgrows our free plan, first of all, congrats! You’ve built a successful website! Secondly, you can easily and quickly upgrade to one of our free plans at any time.

So what should you look for to find the best free web hosting available? More importantly, what should you look out for when selecting a free or cheap web hosting service? We’ll tell you, and more importantly, we’ll explain why our free web hosting makes us one of the best among free web hosting sites. And why our webhosting is ideal for anything you may need to create your own free website or free web page.

Before we get into the details of what we offer, one of the brightest points is that we offer completely free web hosting no ads service. That means you’ll never be subjected to intrusive and annoying ads when you use our free website hosting services.

Free Website Hosting and Domain

Of all the free hosting websites that pop up during a search, you’ll find that some of them misrepresent the nature of the services they provide to their users. Make sure that any website advertising a free web page or free website is not actually only offering free server hosting.

What, exactly, does that mean? Essentially it means that when you sign up for a free website, they will give you instructions as to how to point your domain to their servers. In turn, that means that you’ll have to pay to register and maintain a domain name before you can create your site. So the free website that the web hosting companies are offering you are now going to cost you a fee for domain hosting and to maintain your domain name.

All that is really free is the server hosting, meaning you are able to store your files on their servers. We offer free server hosting, as well as free domain hosting. You can create your own unique domain name when you register on our site as part of our free website hosting and domain service.

Free cPanel Hosting

There are several types of websites that allow you to design free websites or blogs, but you are limited to very few choices regarding design, and even more limited features. Our free cpanel hosting allows you to control all aspects of your free website, and offers advanced tools and features, which we’ll discuss more below.

Free File Hosting

We offer free file hosting, which means that you can store all of your website’s files on our servers. You can upload files of up to 10 MB at a time. Free FTP hosting, or file transfer protocol hosting, allows you to create and upload scripts to create unique designs and features.

Free Image Hosting

Our free image hosting allows you to feature any images on your website easily. Simply upload and incorporate the images you want.

Free Blog Hosting

Incorporate a blog or design your website around a blog with our free blog hosting. While you may not be interested in maintaining a blog, recent changes in how search engines rank websites nearly necessitates the need to incorporate one into any website.

Whereas once you were able to simply stuff keywords into your site’s content to create search engine ranking, you must now maintain current and relevant content that incorporates your keywords. Some sort of internet wizardry allows search engines, such as Google to know whether the content you are placing on your website is actually relevant to the keywords and metatags your site is designed around, at rate the placement of your site on their results pages accordingly. Thus, blogs are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury, especially for e-commerce sites.

Free Forum Hosting

Perhaps, instead of a blog, you’d like to take advantage of our free forum hosting. While forums are vastly different from blogs, they both offer the chance to maintain current content with relevant keyword density easily.

Forum users offer much more than content however, they also allow valuable market research to be completed for free. Users will freely offer product reviews, as well as insight into website designs or changes, while they post niche-specific communications.

Free Wiki Hosting

Our free wiki hosting allows you to create wiki function on your website. This means that anyone can collaborate, edit and create entries on a website. This can be particularly useful for a certain group of people that are involved in a certain project or certain industry, such as a fundraising foundation.

Free PHP Hosting

You may have advanced knowledge of the various scripting abilities you can utilize to design your free websites and other features. Our free php hosting allows you to utilize these features, as well as to create php commerce-related features, such as shopping carts.


You may be curious, with free web hosts like us offering top free web hosting features, why anyone would ever opt to pay for webhosting. The answer basically comes down to the amount of space your free website is going to need. We offer a free monthly bandwidth of 100 GB, and 10 GB of space on our servers. If, at anytime, your free website outgrows our free web hosting offers, you can easily upgrade to a paid account right from your cPanel. You won’t have to change a single thing when you do.

Free Website Builder

Our user-friendly website builder free software allows you to create unique, amazing websites no matter what your technical knowledge level. In addition, we offer a ton of advanced tools and features, such as multiple tutorials and an extensive knowledge base you can access any time.


We are pleased to offer the best web hosting services and features available as part of our free website hosting plan. You’ll be able to create e-mail addresses specific to your needs. For example, create one for general contact and another for product specific complaints, etc.

Additionally, you will find advanced software and other tools you can utilize to improve your free websites. Our free keyword tools allow you to analyze and improve the keyword density in your site’s content.

We also offer tools that allow you to analyze back links, and examine links to your site that are posted on social networking sites, such as Twitter and Digg. You can analyze any incoming or outgoing links on your site to ensure they are not harming your search engine optimization, or SEO, marketing plan.

Why Choose Us?

Of all the free and cheap web hosting sites to choose from, why should you choose ours? We’ve already mentioned the fact that all of our services are provided ad free. We certainly don’t expect you to take our word for it when we say that we are one of the top free web hosting services you’ll find, and we encourage you to examine free web hosting reviews before you make a decision. However, we are confident that most other free web hosts cannot compare to the features and services we provide.

We pride ourselves on being the best web host you’ll ever work with. More than that, we are pleased to offer the highest quality in support services. If you find you can’t find an answer to your questions on one of our many tutorials and extensive knowledge base, you can simply use the contact link available on your cPanel to ask us anything.


Perhaps the best part of our free webhosting is the quality we offer our users. We have an average up-time of 99.9 percent, so you don’t have to worry that you’re receiving less than ideal service by using a free web host.

Additionally, we ensure your site is secure with advanced security measures. We utilize 24/7 monitoring, firewall protection, UPS power back-up and back up, generator and hotlink protection to protect your site.

Once again, it should be noted that these free web hosting ads free service promise never to annoy you with intrusive advertisements!


We use advanced technologies such as a Cisco powered network, Linux clustered server network, Intel processors and Apache web servers to ensure our users are able to expect the highest quality, most reliable webhosting available.

Why use any other hosting services when we offer all you need to get started on your new website today?

Even More

If you still aren’t convinced that we are your ideal free website host, take a look at some of the other features we offer our valued users.

Our crons jobs service allow you to schedule various tasks to be completed automatically. That means you can update your website at any given time, at any intervals you choose while you aren’t even logged in.

You’ll find various other tools for analysis and research purposes. You’ll be able to access tools to analyze your search engine rankings, block specific IP addresses and receive keyword suggestions.

Still not convinced? Consider the fact that when you sign up, log in and access our website builder free and immediately, you’ll be able to easily and quickly get your site up and running. In fact, the average time our users spend using our free website builder is only one hour!

Sign Up Now!

Whether you are looking to publish a single free webpage, create an entire free website, or build a wiki site, you’ll find the tools and services you need and want readily available, right from your cPanel. You can sign up in just a few moments with your email address. Once you’ve confirmed your email, you can begin building your ideal website immediately.

You’ll find ideal features for e-commerce sites; such our free php hosting that allows you to easily incorporate shopping cart features.

If you are looking to create a blog, our free blog hosting is ideal for whatever purpose you wish to apply. Blogs are particularly useful for keeping loved ones that are far from you in touch and updated on you, and your families lives. Increasingly, blogs are also being utilized to display personal views, opinions and connect with like-minded people across the globe. Of course, any blog offers the ability to generate income if you incorporate advertising programs such as Google’s Adwords program.

Whatever your purpose in creating a new, or updating an old website, we offer everything you need to quickly, easily and uniquely design and publish your free website. Of course, once again, we don’t expect you to take our word for it. Simply sign up, log in and see for yourself today!

We are confident you’ll be impressed by the amount of services and features that we offer and even more impressed by the quality and ease of use our web hosting offers. We are also sure you’ll find our services superior to other web hosting companies, and certainly we offer superior features and products than most cheap web hosting services do.

Even if you’d like to check out other free hosting sites before you sign up, we’ll be here to offer you these premium products and services at any time. Come back and access the best free website hosting available at any time with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Of course if you’d like to access our free websites, free server hosting, free domain hosting and other incredible services right away, you can simply go ahead and sign up right away. We look forward to serving you as our valued user right now, or anytime, with the best free hosting service possible.

Whether you sign up today or at a later date, keep in mind that we will never support the free website and hosting services we offer by intruding on you with annoying advertisements.

Signup for free hosting

Signup for free hosting

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